Taylor Swift Finally Gets to ‘Shake It Off’ with her young fans including little Dylan Barnes


Taylor Swift’s young fans adore her, and she’s making many of them happy during her duo of concerts at the Sprint Center.

Family members and supporters of some children battling cancer are pushing for Swift to meet with them including a 7-year-old who was named Harrisonville’s prom queen last week.

The crowd Monday night at the Sprint Center included Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas and pitcher Jeremy Guthrie who loves pop stars and crooned away the night before his big start against the Mariners.

One delighted fan has even made national headlines again for dancing with Swift.

Dylan Barnes, a 7-year-old from Overland Park, this summer saw his free-form dancing to Shake It Off rack up millions of page views on YouTube.

He even got to show off his dance skills on Ellen DeGeneres. She gave him tickets to see Swift on Monday night, and said she hoped that they met.

Well, they did. Swift’s team recreated Dylan’s living room for them to jump around and dance in. Dylan’s mother, Mojdeh Barnes, said Swift was a class act and thanked her for making her son’s dreams come true.

DeGeneres also expressed her excitement for Dylan when she retweeted Swift’s video.

“Dylan met Taylor! Taylor met Dylan! This makes me so happy,” the talk show host wrote.

Swift shared the video on her social media accounts, saying she “finally” got to meet Dylan.

Other children are hoping to live Dylan’s dream.

Jordan Overcast is living with inoperable cancer and has been seen since she was nearly two years old. Swift’s music has helped her endure radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

She has tickets to the concert and rode in a limo to the Sprint Center. She had been bugging her mother since early Tuesday morning.

“Every minute, ‘Is it time to go yet? It is time to go yet?'” Misty Overcast said. “No, it’s not. It’s only 9 o’clock in the morning.”

The family is very grateful for the support. They were thrilled to find out that Jordan was going to meet Taylor before she took the stage.



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