Brandy Wows! Five songs from r&b singer brandy that we like from way back when.


Brandy Rayana Norwood (born February 11, 1979), known professionally as Brandy, is an  R&B singer, songwriter, producer, model actress, and dancer.

Brandy – Afrodisiac



Brandy – Have You Ever




Brandy – Right Here


Brandy – Baby



Brandy – Best Friend (1995)

Pop/R&B singer Brandy was born Brandy Norwood in Macomb, Miss. in 1979, but moved with her family to California at a young age.  

Brandy grew up singing in church (her father is a minister) but was drawn into pop music after hearing Whitney Houston on the radio. Brandy landed a record deal with Atlantic in 1993; the following year her debut album, Brandy, went platinum.


Music has been a part of her life since she was a teenager. She’s sold 40 million records worldwide and her 1998 record “The Boy Is Mine” with Monica is one of the the longest running number-one song and best-selling duet of all time.


A beautiful princess

Brandy and Whitney Houston starred in “Cinderella.” Her first musical was the title role of the Walt Disney Television version of “Cinderella” in ’97 opposite Whitney Houston as her fairy godmother. The late, great Houston’s role of fairy godmother still reverberates for Norwood.

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16 thoughts on “Brandy Wows! Five songs from r&b singer brandy that we like from way back when.

  1. I’m a huge brandy fan, I notice that lots of her songs evoke strong emotions in us humans. I’m happy you post this article because I love all the songs listed.


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