Kobe Bryant Surprises Taylor Swift at Staples Center



Taylor-mania swept into Southern California on Friday when Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour reached Staples Center for the first show in a highly anticipated five-night run.

Friday night, Swift set a record for the most sold-out performances at the Staples Center with 16, when her 1989 Tour came to Los Angeles. The Black Mamba showed up to present her with her own championship banner at the Staples Center. The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, who after strolling to the end of an extremely long catwalk during “Style” asked the singer’s band to quiet down because he had something to say. That’s when he directed Swift’s attention to a new banner in the arena’s rafters recognizing her for selling out more concerts at Staples Center than any other artist. The total, according to Bryant: 16, including the five she’s playing through Wednesday.


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Miss Piggy Steals Kerry Washington’s White Hat


Miss Piggy has Scandal envy for Kerry Washington in the latest promo for The Muppets

The stars of ABC have come out to help promote the return of Jim Henson’s beloved creations to primetime television.

Nathan Fillion and The Middle’s Patricia Heaton have also rolled out the welcome mat, although the always-demanding Miss Piggy hasn’t seemed very impressed.


One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ video will actually take you to space


One Direction has released their first video since the departure of band mate zayn malik The video for Drag Me Down features our four remaining members training to be astronauts explained 1D members.



8 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Surprises Taylor Swift at Staples Center

  1. I love kerry washington’s voice very nice sound I could sit and listen to her speak all day. Beautiful and classy lady she is.


  2. I like the 1D video. Lets see what Zayn Malik going to come out with I’m eagerly waiting as zayn and louis is my favorite in the group.


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