Willow and Jaden Smith Is a big fan of their dad’s sitcom fresh prince



During a visit to Dubai last week, 17-year-old Jaden and 14-year-old Willow spoke about design, the world’s reaction to their philosophical musings and their dad’s ’90s sitcom.

“We like it as much as anyone else, it’s the tightest show ever,” Jaden says. Willow adds: “I watch it when I go to sleep, all the time.” They go on to explain what it’s like to work with his dad, “a fly dude.” 

Willow: “It’s so cool seeing the progress. Seeing season one, where he would memorise everybody else’s lines and kind of murmur it, then say his lines. It’s so cool to see where he’s [come from].”

Jaden: “Because he was so nervous and he’d never been on TV, so he memorised everyone else’s lines, like that’s cool to see. Just to see how far he’s gone and what he’s still doing today. So tight.”

Willow’s working on a screenplay and her debut album, and Jaden’s got an LP on the way, too. “We’re going to do all the stuff that we never tell anyone about,” he says, “and we’ll eventually release.”


Willow Smith “Wit A Indigo”

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