Girl Group Wonder Girls’ Yeeun Shares A Photo Of The Girls Backstage On Instagram



Girl group Wonder Girls revealed a group self-taken photo. “Thieves 2, under

construction, our target is Sunmi,” posted Yeeun on her Instagram on Saturday along with a picture. In the picture, Wonder Girls are all in their waiting room. Hyeri is wearing big sunglasses and looks chic and cool. Yubin has bright blonde hair that adds to her beauty. But Sunmi is on the couch, busy looking at her phone. All other members are pointing at her- bringing laughter to the viewers. 





13 thoughts on “Girl Group Wonder Girls’ Yeeun Shares A Photo Of The Girls Backstage On Instagram

  1. I would like to have a one night stand with safaree. He is my crush from way back when I use to see him and nicki minaj together.


  2. I wonder who zayn going to be dating next? he seems to be keen on one of the kardashians, kendell or kylie. I think he might’ve been developing strong feelings for a kardashian from long time a bevy of dark haired beauties.

    Warning to women that are in committed relationships. If a kardashian comes close to your man you can kiss him good bye, whether you were friends with the kardashians or not.


  3. Is’nt dr dre the man who beat the hell out of three women couple yrs back. How come they don’t dog him around about it the same way they do to chris brown.


  4. Might as well safaree did ask rihanna out because his new girlfriend is the spitting image of riri. So while he was with nicki minaj he was hosting dirty thoughts about rihanna.

    Quite obvious now isn’t it?


  5. Perrie edwards is going to need a very long holiday to get over her ex, because if she don’t take a break from the lime light they are going to keep bringing it up.


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