Beyonce Fast forwarded her Bey-Good Haiti for World Humanitarian Day—


When the devastating 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti nearly five years ago Beyoncé quickly became a face for change. She was officially named the face of the CFDA’s limited-edition “Fashion for Haiti” T-shirt and, in collaboration with Teespring, launched the BeyGood T-shirt which successfully raised millions of dollars for those affected by the tragedy.  Beyoncé has released a new video telling the story of BeyGood, celebrating fans’ support and highlighting the impact of the first Teespring campaign.


Safaree Samuels Girlfriend Zashia: Santiago Breaks Silence On Romance

Well now, she has spoken out on their high profile romance and his former flame, Nicki. 

She revealed the two sparked a connection when Samuels made an appearance on MTV 2’s improv comedy series Wild N Out. But what she didn’t connect was the fact that he was Nicki’s infamous ex.

The two dated for more than 10 years before going their separate ways a few months ago.  

“I didn’t realize who he was when I gave him my information. I didn’t know he was such in the public eye. I don’t follow pop culture as much as people would believe,” she told VLAD TV Monday. “I listen to country music, 99.9 is my station is pop culture isn’t really what I’m into. That’s how we hooked up and we love each other’s personalities and we grew in that.”

While Samuels and Nicki called it quits months ago, they still have random moments where they will go back and forth on Twitter. In their latest round, they both accused one another of trying to stay in contact.

She said she’s completely unbothered by it all and so is Samuels. She also spoke on Nicki’s new romance with Meek.

“It’s their relationship. I hope they’re happy just like I hope people wish that on our relationship. I really have no say on it, I haven’t examined anyone else’s relationship besides my own.”

As far as the backlash and Nicki comparisons she has received since getting thrust into the spotlight, Santiago, who is a model and makeup artist, said she and Samuels take it with a grain of salt.

“There’s a lot of bashing, everybody has their own opinions and everyone isn’t always going to be on my side and I get that but we’ve been handling it pretty well. It hasn’t been bad fo rme. There’s been a lot of positivity on top of that…so we’re okay with it.”

She also said she thinks being compared to Nicki is a good thing, but made it clear she is her own individual.


K. Michelle Ft. Safaree – Going Under


Natalia Kills CELEBRATES LAVISH birthday with husband Willy Moon

This has been the best year of my life! I’m so excited for the beautiful music & work to be enjoyed by the ones I love and so very lucky to write my future (and songs) with the one who knows me best @itswillymoon edeaa9119cbf206eb8a7768a2eaba248







10 thoughts on “Beyonce Fast forwarded her Bey-Good Haiti for World Humanitarian Day—

  1. Since he got married to natalia she’s had a string of bad luck. The worst happen in his country makes you wonder. Give us back our little princess natalia who are you and what have you done to her????????????


  2. Do some men bring women trials and tribulations in their life in natalia kill’s case a big fat yes. She was doing so well until mr banana face shows up.


  3. Safaree Samuels new Girlfriend is very classy what a big upgrade. I’m so happy for him too much ghetto women drives your brain insane if you’re not strong.


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