Amandla Stenberg: Who Is This 16 Year Old With The Face Of An Angel?


amandla stenberg

Stenberg was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 23, 1998. Her name means “power or strength” in Zulu. Her mother, Karen Brailsford, is African-American, and her father, Tom Stenberg, is Danish. Her paternal grandmother was from Greenland and had Inuit ancestry. The don’t crop on my cornrow cutie is an advocate to preserve black culture and bring awareness to stereotypes that affects african american men and women.

Five Truth About Amandla Stenberg

At the age of four she started modeling.

She has appeared in several Boeing commercials.

Stenberg appeared in her first feature film Colombiana, as a younger version of Zoe Saldana’s character.

Stenberg was cast as Rue in the 2012 film The Hunger Games.

Stenberg is involved with Share Our Strength, also known as No Kid Hungry, an organization working to end childhood hunger in the United States.


Five pictures of Amandla Stenberg that we like.



Only 16 but with an IQ to rival Albert Einstein.  People that have met her are awestruck by the highly intelligent actress.

Fair and balanced quotes from pretty 16 year old Amandla Stenberg


 Stenberg has been the recipient of harassment. Hopefully she learns that those who attempt to educate people about treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination are often times ridiculed.





17 thoughts on “Amandla Stenberg: Who Is This 16 Year Old With The Face Of An Angel?

    • Remember when Jaden Smith was seen all over the place dating kylie Jenner? I dont know what happen but then suddenly it was all about Amandla Stenberg. Then Kylie went and got her lips injected to look similar to Amandla Stenberg’s lips. The real story is unfolding now that I’ve seen Amandla Stenberg’s lips.

      That can only mean one thing. Kylie is using tyga to get back at Jaden for leaving her to go on dates with Amandla Stenberg.


  1. Is that who everyone has been arguing with? I thought she was a big woman like in her late twenties or thirties. I never knew that she was still a kid.


  2. All those big old greyed back men should feel ashamed of themselves. Wielding power and might dressed in suit and tie while trying to dumb down the voice of a child.


  3. Omygod when I heard the uproar over the internet, I saw the name but havn’t the slightest clue of who she was. I feel weird now because I was siding with kylie as I thought Amandla Stenberg was a big person.


  4. They should let Amandla and kylie sort it out themselves as they are two teenagers the elders crossed the line when they bullied the kid. Poor Amandla.


  5. What is this world coming to when a 16 year old is not free to make a comment, without harassment from internet bullies. Some of these people must be pedos.


  6. She’s very alert and insightful that could get the wrong sort of people pissed off. Its scary when you cannot stick up for your own culture and have to walk on egg shells.


  7. When it comes to the topic of cultural appropriation, actress Amandla Stenberg is truly wise beyond her years. For a class project in April, the 16-year-old Hunger Games actress offered a crash historical lesson on Black cultural origins in a video called “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows.


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