Teddy Sinclair: Young Fun And A Musical Genius With Her Creative Writing Style



Teddy Sinclair is a singer and actress formerly known as Verbalicious and Natalia Kills. Her family left the UK when she was a child and she spent her early years travelling between England, Jamaica and Spain.
She went to Grammar School before briefly attending the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She withdrew from LAMDA to focus on her musical career.
Acting professionally since the age of nine, she attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, studying classical drama. She ran away from home when she was 14 and shifted her focus away from acting. Her teenage years was textured with troubled.

Her acting debut was in New Voices. She had a regular role as Sima on the TV sitcom All About Me and as Amy Franks in the BBC’s radio drama The Archers. She began writing songs at 14 After finishing with The Archers in 2003, She began pursuing a music career and had a significant breakthrough as “Candy Rapper” in 2003, when she won a BBC Radio 1 MC Battle in Leeds.
She signed to the UK record company Adventures in Music and released her first single “Don’t Play Nice” under the name Verbalicious in February 2005. Kills told W that her childhood nickname from her mother was “Verbal” because she talked and sang a lot. She adopted the name and variations of it as her stage name at some points during her career.

In 2007, while writing music for films,she posted Womannequin, a demo she produced and wrote under the name Natalia Cappuccini, to MySpace. The EP received 2 million plays on the website, and she reached the top of the unsigned artists chart.
During this time, using the name Verse, she also co-wrote and appeared on “They Talk Shit About Me” by French recording artist M. Pokora and met Guillaume Doubet, who would go on to direct many of her videos, in Paris. Kills moved to Los Angeles in 2008.

Arriving without money or a place to live, , trying to work with or make songs with anyone who would have her for a couple of hours in the studio”. Kills adopted the stage name Natalia Kills from the interjection “you killed it!”, after her record company advised her that her legal name, “Natalia Cappuccini”, was “indescribable.”

Closets: Teddy Sinclair

She was introduced to will.i.am and after hearing her demo and learning that she did not have a record deal. In January 2009, will.i.am signed her to his record label, will.i.am Music Group. Later she was signed to cherry trees. “We had a really good creative chemistry,” she said in a 2011 Billboard interview.
.” Kills released her debut album Perfectionist in Germany in April 2011 following the release of her first single, “Mirrors”, which hit the German Top 10. The album was described as a concept album by Kills, claiming that everybody is a perfectionist.

The album was accompanied by four singles, “Mirrors”, “Wonderland”, “Free” and “Kill My Boyfriend”. Through 2010 and 2011 Kills opened for Kelis, Robyn, Kesha, Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas over various tours. Two tracks from Perfectionist, “Free” feat. will.i.am, and “Mirrors,” hit the Top 10 in Europe and achieved sales of over 750,000.Kills was featured in LMFAO’s single, “Champagne Showers,” and in Junior Caldera’s single “Lights Out (Go Crazy)”.
Teddy Natalia Sinclair released her debut album, Perfectionist, in 2011, and her second album, Trouble, in September 2013. In 2014, she married boyfriend Willy Moon, who is a singer on the same label.

On 10 April 2014, American singer-songwriter Madonna shared pictures online showing her along with Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum in a recording studio. On the same day, fashion editor Alex Catarinella officially declared to BlackBook magazine that Kills would be married to Willy Moon on 23 May, in New York City.
Sinclair worked with Madonna on her album Rebel Heart, co-writing the song “Holy Water”. In 2015, Sinclair’s song “Problem” off of her album Trouble (released in 2013) was featured in the film soundtrack for Pitch Perfect 2 which hit Number 1 in the album charts and won an American Music Award. Sinclair worked with Rihanna on her eighth studio album Anti.

Teddy Sinclair – If I Was God HQ

During an interview she gave to New Zealand-edited fashion magazine Black, Kills said she had just moved in with Moon and that she had been recording a few songs. she was invited to charity event Life Ball, which took place in Vienna, Austria, mostly for a live performance kicking off the event, and a concert.
Interviewed for Paper Magazine, she confirmed the future release of new material. Teddy Sinclair later quit cherry trees recording company in 2015 and went to focus on new material and image.   It’s no surprise that Kills continues to stun/break hearts of both the fashion world (she is  signed to IMG models. In 2016 she started a band, Cruel Youth, with her husband. Their first song, “Mr. Watson”, was released on Soundcloud in February.

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  1. I was just randomly searching youtube and I found Natalia. thank god people find her, she is amazing, i hope u liked her :)


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