Miley Cyrus has landed herself a marie clair cover

THE iconic blonde bob paired with super bold brows and a strong cat eye. Her red embroidered jacket showed off a matching satin bra and panties



Miley Cyrus

In another shot, she slays in a sheer dress with an embellished collar.She told the mag, “I don’t really stress too much about being out there. There’s nothing left to catch me doing. You want to hack my e-mail so you can find my nude pictures? I’ll just f—–g put them up.” 

Miley Cyrus


11 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus has landed herself a marie clair cover

  1. It was rihanna that she copied with the tongue and stage antics when she started sticking out her behind on stage. Its like she watched everything that riri was doing then three months after she started doing the same, to the point where everyone started asking if she was rihanna’s long lost twin.

    Remember when rihianna use to stick her whole tongue out at the camera? and her behind while onstage in bra and panties? miley copied riri,oh she also started smoking spliff out in the open like rihanna too, she was either jealous of rihanna and the attention that she was getting or she was a huge fan of rihanna why she went and copied her syle.


  2. Earlier on Thursday the popstar spent the day out and about with her brother Braison Cyrus, personal assistant Cheyne Thomas and friend Lisa Marie. The group took to social media to document their day out on the water in Auckland, rugged up in cosy winter wears.


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