Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Lawsuit Against French Magazine Oops For False Claim Rihanna Is Having His Baby

Leonardo DiCaprio


As Gossip Cop was first to report,  for its May 13 edition of the magazine, which featured photos of DiCaprio and Rihanna on the cover with the headline (translated as), “Rihanna Pregnant With Leonardo’s Baby: He Doesn’t Want The Baby.” Inside the magazine, the accompanying article alleged that the actor wants nothing to do with the supposed child. Of course, as Gossip Cop previously noted, not only are the two celebrities not having a baby, but they were also not even dating.

At the time of the court filing in early June, Frederic Truskolaski, an owner of Oops and a defendant in the lawsuit, admitted to Gossip Cop, “We didn’t know” if Rihanna was pregnant, offering, “We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course.” DiCaprio instructed his legal team to sue Oops after he saw the magazine while in France for the Cannes Film Festival. The actor sought in his court papers the maximum amount in damages and legal fees, which by French law is 18,000 Euros ($20,000).

In its decision, the French court found that Oops violated the country’s strict right to privacy laws by publishing information about DiCaprio’s personal life and using two paparazzi pictures of him on the street. Truskolaski now tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “We were totally expecting this decision, since in France when any magazine speaks about a celebrity’s private life the magazine is automatically condemned.”

New Couple Alert: Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton Are on a Boat were they flirting?

The pair sparked dating rumors this week when they were spotted aboard the same boat while vacationing in the islands with a group of friends. RiRi was pulling out all the stops, too, by parading around in a series of temperature-raising bikinis. Hamilton, who was previously engaged to the Pussycat Dolls’s Nicole Scherzinger, also partied with the hometown heroine at the annual Kadooment Day Parade last week. 

Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton fuel romance rumors in Barbados

We’re not sure what happened to soccer star Karim Benzema, who Rihanna was rumoured to be dating for a hot minute earlier in the summer — or, for that matter, Hamilton’s rumored relationship with Kendall Jenner. One thing’s for sure, though, these two seemed to only have eyes for each other.

4 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Lawsuit Against French Magazine Oops For False Claim Rihanna Is Having His Baby

  1. Rihanna is gorgeous everybody wants to be around her the men in hollywood are falling over themselves to get nex to her black and white men.


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