Beyoncé partners with Austin company on line of temporary tattoos

A screenshot from the Flash Tattoos website shows a sample of the Beyoncé X line of the company's temporary tattoos.

An Austin company has partnered with pop-megastar Beyoncé to launch a line of temporary tattoos inspired and designed by the Queen Bey herself, reports fashion website

The company, Flash Tattoos, is selling five sheets of 57 individual Beyoncé-themed temporary tattoos for $28. The so-called “Beyoncé X” line of tattoos feature geometric shapes in the form of honeycombs, bees and pistols, among others, as well as lyrics from her songs rendered in black, gold and silver.

According to CR Fashion, company owner Miranda Burnet was approached by Beyoncé’s team after the pop star started wearing the temporary tattoos on her own accord.

Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea reveals all on body image, Bonds and life and love in America

Iggy Azalea talks about love life and living in America.

The Aussie rapper’s personal life has been playing out like a rom-com, fuelled by her romance with, and subsequent June engagement to, LA Lakers player Nick Young. 

Back then, she says with a laugh, “I hated all of them. And now I love all of them. When I figured it out, I think I was already in love with him.

“So it worked out! Lucky I didn’t remember him, because we wouldn’t have got the opportunity for a second chance.”

The almost-thwarted 18-month romance will be capped off with a wedding next year, during the NBA off-season.

6 thoughts on “Beyoncé partners with Austin company on line of temporary tattoos

  1. Beyonce’s skin look really burned these last few years. Too much tanning lotion? I rememer yrs ago her fans found out that she was tanning her skin to get darker.


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