Five Diamond songs that your boyfriend uses to say I Love You

Five love music that makes you stay in bed with your boyfriend and forget about work. If you are in love these music will make you fall inlove again try it! He only does this if he really loves you!


You were suppose to work but you get a surprise knock on the door.


In his hands is an expensive bottle of champagne


A CD with five love songs he handpicked for you downloaded himself.


In his other hand there is a bag with a present neatly wrapped with your favorite chocolates and a 22 k gold bracelet with a heart shaped diamond encrusted in it!


As soon as he slam the door shut he gives you a deep snog that makes you  dizzy you are weakened in the knees. You dance, kiss, coo over eachother, chatted while giggling your heads off all night untill the wee hrs of the morning, then you both fall asleep cuddling together still fully dressed. aaaaw sweet. Make your relationship …….









8 thoughts on “Five Diamond songs that your boyfriend uses to say I Love You

  1. Funny enough me and my husband was listening a 1973 barry white song then a friend of mine posted this link to my page. It made me very happy when I read this and saw that mr white was in the list.


  2. Your man must really love you. My long time partner just ignores all the lovey dovey stuff. When he gets home straight away he is asking what did you cook? so boring.


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