Kristin Kreuk likes to read!



The book that got her through a difficult time

I read Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love at a time when I felt particularly isolated and strange. It was perfect. Geek Love is a celebration of those aspects of our personalities that are bizarre, strange and out of the ordinary. It is also a story of family – albeit a family of genetically warped circus geeks — and all the wonderful and twisted aspects of that.


The book she recommends to friends

Lately it has to be Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. This novel is written with such consideration and wisdom. Each word is filled with layers of meaning and beauty. It is a book that I want to chew on. The way Ms. Robinson writes of the permanence of loss and the impermanence of life and relationships speaks right to my heart. So I decided that everyone would feel the same way. Ha.



10 thoughts on “Kristin Kreuk likes to read!

  1. My favourite book to this date is the last samurai, if you are reading this kristen I would recommend you read it. You will never stop reading once you start.


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