Tilda Swinton gets new makeover for movie role

The 54-year-old star’s dramatic transformation for her latest role in new movie Trainwreck, rocking LONG dark blonde hair and fully made up.

It’s a huge change for the star who played a vampire alongside tom hiddleston in Only Lovers Left Alive, along with roles in Snowpiercer and the Chronicles of Narnia and often sports an androgynous look.

Tilda takes on the role of Dianna in the flick, who works at S’nuff magazine, and her character has been likened to Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, played by Meryl Streep.

“I’m delighted to say that I’m unrecognisable,” she said. “I don’t know whether one would really want to be recognizable in this role.

“It’s a lot of makeup and a kind of tandoori tan and a wig, and that’s all it takes.”


IS Cristiano Ronaldo HITTING on  Margot Robbie? Footballer caught liking the beauty’s  Instagram photos

It looks as though Margot Robbie has scored herself a VERY high-profile admirer.

Cristiano Ronaldo has stopped admiring his own photos and has been caught paying quite a bit of attention to the Wolf of Wall Street stunner by liking the Australian star’s pictures on Instagram.

The ripped Real Madrid star, who split from Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk after five years together earlier this year, has made it clear he’s a fan of the Aussie babe by giving her pictures the coveted double-tap.

5 thoughts on “Tilda Swinton gets new makeover for movie role

  1. What a transformation the makeup and hair extension has changed tilda swinton’s entire features. She even looks very young after the make over.


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