Muslims Help Raise $45k To Rebuild Burnt Down Churches In US


The Respond With Love campaign was launched by three Muslim organisations to raise money to help rebuild black churches that have burned in recent months.

A STUDENT, along with her friends and other Muslim groups, have raise more than $45,000 to help rebuild black Christian churches destroyed by fires in the last two weeks.

Since the June 17 fatal shooting of nine black people inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, some six black churches have been torched throughout the South of America.

According to Al Jazeera, three Muslim organisations—Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, the Arab-American Association of New York and Ummah Wide—have created the Respond With Love campaign to raise money to help rebuild those churches burned since the massacre last month.

The crowdfunding campaign was the brainchild of black Muslim masters student Faatimah Knight.

“To many, it is clear that these are attacks on black culture, black religion and black lives,” the campaign’s website said.

“It’s Ramadan, and we are experiencing firsthand the beauty and sanctity of our mosques during this holy month. All houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe,” it added.

While all of the church burnings are still under investigation and have not been reported as hate crimes, three are suspected arson attacks, reported The Root

So far, the campaign has raised some $45,000 in just six days and, according to the site, once the campaign ends on July 18, the group will disperse funds to the pastors of the churches in most need.

“We have been overwhelmed by how generous people have been,” Knight, 23, toldThe Independent.

Knight, a student at the Chicago Theological Seminary, said of her acquaintances some people had questioned the campaign and asked why she was raising money for Christian houses of worship, as opposed to a Muslim cause. But most were supportive.

She said Islam taught of the need to protect the weak and vulnerable. She said while the black Christian communities of the South might not be weak, they were vulnerable.


2 thoughts on “Muslims Help Raise $45k To Rebuild Burnt Down Churches In US

  1. This is so commendable those poor old black senior citizens in america. Lots of them use the churches because they are poor old and lonely and these evil demons burn it down.


  2. They are burnt from 1 19th Century
    2 20th Century
    2.1 1955-1959
    2.2 1960-1964
    2.3 1970-1974
    2.4 1975-1979
    2.5 1990-1994
    2.6 1995-1999
    3 21st Century
    3.1 2005-2009
    3.2 2010-2014
    3.3 2015-2019

    I feel sorry for the old black people who do not have any money to buy food and who use to depend on the churches to feed them when they collect offerings. They must be out walking the streets now cant find any refuge. Some of them do not have any living family left so the churches are where they find comfort.


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