Boom boom! Iggy Azalea puts on a raunchy show as she takes to the stage in Canada

A hand please: Beginning her set atop a podium illuminated with white and blue neon lighting, she strutted down some steps with the assistance of two buff male dancers

Iggy Azalea put on a raunchy show as she took to the stage in Canada.

The Black Widow star grabbed her crotched and stomped around while belting out some of her biggest hits.

Blonde beauty Iggy was performing during the Festival D’ete De Quebec this weekend and as well as treating fans to some tunes, she also appeared to have ditched some of her most well known tattoos.

The singer, who dated the rapper from 2011 to 2012, famously had ink work done to commemorate their relationship.

Happy times: Days later, she announced her engagement to her beau of two years while celebrating his 30th birthday in a carnival themed extravaganza

However the tat – which read ‘Live’ ‘Love’ and ‘A$AP’ across her fingers – appeared to be missing as she performed for the crowds at the festival.

Iggy, who is now engaged to Nick Young, started the tattoo removal process in December.

The 25-year-old was in high spirits during the gig and showed off her curvy figure in a pair of high-waisted blue trousers.


One Direction fans outraged after claiming Ariana Grande slammed Louis Tomlinson on Instagram

Ariana Grande has been accused of slamming Louis Tomlinson on Instagram.

One Direction fans have taken to Twitter in their droves to hit out at the Bang Bang hitmaker after it was claimed she commented on one of his Instagram posts, saying he should’ve been the one to leave 1D rather than Zayn Malik.  

But some Ariana fans insisted Directioners were simply making up the rumour.

One wrote: “#ArianaRESPECTLouis ariana didn’t say anything the 1d fandom’s just bored again forget yall smh”

And others called for the end of such fabricated “drama” due to the “hurt” the fans have been put through.

One tweeted: “Okay, but can you stop creating drama? Seriously, we’ve had enough and it’s actually hurting us for real. So just stop. #ArianaRESPECTLouis”

Khloe Kardashian upset sister Kourtney by calling Scott Disick ‘every day’?

Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian


Kourtney has been putting on a brave face amid reports she has parted ways with long-time love Scott, the father of her three children.

But while her family have remained united sister Khloe, 30, has been “in touch with Scott on a daily basis and has been genuinely concerned for him,” a source told Radar Online.

“Khloe doesn’t do the tough love approach, and wants to be there for Scott when he eventually does decide to get help,” a source told the site.

In recent weeks, Kourtney has looked solemn as she balances work and life as a single mother while dealing with the fallout of her split with partner of nine years, Scott.



20 thoughts on “Boom boom! Iggy Azalea puts on a raunchy show as she takes to the stage in Canada

  1. Ariana is just trying to be bold and put it out there that she has eyes for Zayn Malik over Louis Tomlinson. Ariana has dark features and dark hair, and so does Zayn Malik. They are not really exactly what you would call white they both have mexican or asian arab features. But what the hell has that got to do with anything eh?


  2. I only have eyes for you. Ariana don’t want to see louis tomlinson she wants to see malik plain and simple. Atleast thats how i read it if the rumour is true. So malik needs to get back his skinny ass in the group.


  3. Iggy azalea looking good as always. I like her more than niki minaj. Niki is too obsessed about her looks azalea seems more down to earth and friendly.


  4. Rule number one, dont get in hot tub with your sister’s ex boyfriend or boyfriends alone, you are very rude and out of order kloe he is your sister’s man for god’s sake. show some respect fool.


  5. Iggy azalea has similar shape to niki minaj, and when she raps she sound like niki minaj, and its rumour they both has surgery implants on the butt. competition is heating up.


  6. Oh so he is the culprit who threw that poor poor baby doll off the stage, what a loser, taking out your personal issues on a plastic doll. Go get him ariana!

    Girls who play with dolls must find him despicable after that.


  7. My heart broke when he threw the doll off the stage and my little niece who play with dolls started crying. Bad bad louis tomlinson. outrageous behaviour to the female fans who follow you.


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