Dr Lowe Granted Fourth US Patent For Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dr Henry Lowe and his research team have been granted a fourth patent by the United States Patent Office in their continuing anti-cancer research. This time for the treatment of prostate cancer.

According to a statement from Dr Lowe’s Bio-Tech R&D Institute, “The patent is based on a method of treating prostate cancer using compounds from the crude extract of the indigenous Jamaican plant, Ball Moss, commonly known as Old Man’s Beard.”

The treatment holds tremendous promise as a chemopreventive agent.

“These compounds inhibit the response and growth of new blood vessels in prostate cancer tumours. The refinement of the method and compounds isolation were inspired by the isolation of chemical compounds from the Ball Moss plant, which have been actively pursued by Dr Lowe and his research team over the past 10 years,” the statement continued.

The patent number, 9040100, is titled ‘Methods for Inhibiting Prostate Cancer by Kinases & Angiogenesis Inhibitory Mechanisms of Ball Moss Extract’.

Bio-Tech said that according to the European Union, there are 1.5 million new cases of prostate cancer annually, making it the fourth most common cancer worldwide, and the second most prevalent cancer in men globally.

“Of the limited treatment options available – due to costs, drug availability and the myriad side effects from a synthetic drug – a viable medicinal drug from an all-natural product may just be the solution to our problems,” Lowe stated.

The bioactive isolates are expected to be in clinical trials before the end of 2015 to pave the way for pharmaceutical drug development.

Bio-Tech said that a number of peer-reviewed papers have already been published related to the methods now protected by this patent.

Dr Lowe, who has gained international recognition for his cancer research, as well as medical marijuana research, has developed a nutraceutical Alpha Prostate Formula for the management of prostate problems in men. He has said that the formula is a key step towards the development of a pharmaceutical drug.

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