Australia’s Haunting and deadly past: Adelaide Arcade ‘haunted’ by caretaker ghost Francis Cluney

In 1904 a man called Thomas Houghton shot his wife dead in what used to be the laneway next to the arcade.

She ran into the arcade to get help before taking her last breath.

Ms Leaney said some traders had even reported hearing a child’s voice and laugh, who some claim is the ghost of a girl who was suffocated by her mother.

Francis Cluney’s story and that of the other ghosts were captured by Fox TV show haunting australia , which went inside Manhattan Dry Cleaners, close to the spot where it is believed Mr Cluney died.

Manhattan Dry Cleaner business owner Bronwyn Berry admitted she was a sceptic but even she believed there was something following the show’s filming.

Mrs Berry told her daughter and brother-in-law both reported encounters with Francis.

She said when psychics were brought in following filming, problems began occurring with one of their machines. Her brother-in-law ended up apologising to the ghost for bringing strangers into the shop and everything went back to normal after that. Mrs Berry said whether it was all coincidence or not, they had been in the arcade for 40 years and weren’t thinking about moving elsewhere because of an apparent ghost.
Arcade’s resident psychic Joan Lesley told The Advertiser in 2004 that Francis wasn’t the only ghost to walk the mall’s floors, with his friend Ken also believed to haunt the arcade.
“There’s a woman here but she won’t tell me her name — she smothered her child with a pillow and is too ashamed to identify herself,” she said.
“They have a real attachment to the building and are really quite harmless.”



Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall has an interesting past. Picture: Duraid Sarsum

22 thoughts on “Australia’s Haunting and deadly past: Adelaide Arcade ‘haunted’ by caretaker ghost Francis Cluney

  1. a few juicy locations in australia are reported ghostly activity.

    Glenside mental hospital, has reported cases of ghostly activity. There is an abandoned part of the hospital that gets broken into regularly.


  2. The glenelg cinema is haunted, apparently staff knew when a movie was going to be a good ticket seller, because their resident ghost would appear.


  3. I love unsolved mysteries and the paranormal, it’s always interesting to read. I have a huge boxset from that show from the early 90’s Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack. Good shit.


  4. There is a road out the back of smithfield somewhere, near the old RAAF huts, where a horse carriage accident occured, many years ago, big family tragedy. I have personally ridden a horse down that way, back when I was a teenager, and the horses all spooked over nothing and freaked us all out.


  5. pretty freaky :S

    I’m trying to think of more haunted places in Adelaide… or anywhere in the world, come to think of it.

    Haunted places interest me, while they creep me the hell out at the same time


  6. I believe that some people see what they want to see sometimes, or misinterpret what they see/hear to coincide with their beliefs, or mindsets.


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