Five Sweet Food That We Are Addicted To: We Cannot Get Enough of these Sweet food.

The five basic human tastes are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and pungent. Each taste detects a nutrient class we need or toxins we should avoid: the sweetness receptors are complex and many things activate them. Another factor in desire for sugary or fatty foods is stress. The body produces a hormone called cortisol in response to stress This is why studies have shown that when we’re stressed, we’re more likely drawn towards high-energy foods, such as cakes and sweets. Unsurprisingly, more than 50 per cent of reported cravings are for chocolate and most others are for highly palatable foods such as sweets or biscuits. Pop a little (or a lot) of sugar into any kind of processed food and we like it a lot. The instant ‘lift’ we get from sugar is one of the reasons we turn to it at times of celebration or when we crave comfort.


So here are five of our favourite sweet foods.

Icecream: Vanilla and chocolate Ice cream! and sundae with any of our favourite toppings.


Cake: Sweet Rum Cakes especially when made with strong rum from the caribbean.



Chocolate: Chocolate bars especially when it’s packed with our favourite crunchies like nuts and raisins.


Cereal: Cornflakes with thick coating of honey and others that have droppings of chocolates and dried sweet fruits..


Biscuits: Coconut biscuits and chocolate chip cookies yum yum.

5 thoughts on “Five Sweet Food That We Are Addicted To: We Cannot Get Enough of these Sweet food.

  1. Omygod I love rum cakes!!!!! I use to eat five or six of it every week, you have to be careful though because if too much rum is in it you can get drunk!


  2. I made a post yesterday towards this subject but you hav’nt accepted it why? nice article I’ve got a very sweet tooth.


  3. Every week I pick up a few packs of chocolate chip cookies. They go very fast especially if my little brother know that they are in the biscuit pan.


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