Five New and not so new Releases That Some music Fans Might Not Know Is Out

Janet Jackson


The baddest most fiercest pop star of the 80s and 90s is back with a brand new single ‘No Sleep’ and we are happy that the QUEEN OF POP is back. The single unvailed is her first new music since 2008. It is a layed back single with a beat to keep your feet tapping and your body rocking. It is also the lead single from her album. We are no stranger to her smooth sultry angelic voice that we’ve grown to love, so we are very glad that she is still here with us. Head over to youtube and have a listen and dont forget to bring back your verdict and park it right here.


Tessanne Chin

This soft porcelain skin PRETTY FACE songstress is the 2013 winner of the voice. Tessanne Chin Go Old School R&B on New Single ‘Fire’ and its jamazing! Going back to basics was one of Chin’s favorite parts of writing and recording “Fire.” “We were all in a live room clapping and stomping our heels around a mic to the beat to add that extra bit of realness to it,” she explained to the interviewer . “It was so much fun.” Go find the single fire on you tube and come back and tell us what you think.



(BITCH!) Better Have My Money
There is no denying that bad gal riri is one of the FIERCEST female in the game right now. She is VERY GORGEOUS with a lovely voice and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial so whenever she put something out her fans from both high and low places will always be able to give their verdict. LOL! BITCH better have my money is on my must view list, I havn’t seen the video so I cannot say nofink about it yet. I heard it’s interesting for some of her fans as it has Revenge fantasy of some sort. We are all overjoyed that rihanna has finally made the video for it. Go riri.


Leona Lewis

Leona is the successful x factor winner of 2006. We warmed to her because of her sweet personality and ENDLESS BEAUTY not to mention her lovely voice. She released her new video for the song titled fire under my feet and although we still love her most of her fans are not aware that leona is back so you can all head over to vevo and you tube to watch fire under my feet.


Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is the PRETTY face temptress that gained world recognition when she KAPOWED on to the music scene with I keep on falling in love with you. The dreamy-eyed songstress with the most infectious vocal cord is not just a singing pretty face oh no, she plays the piano and the guitar, so head over to vevo or you tube to listen her piano skills while she cooed over the song heavenly. Another song that she quietly put out without an official release is It’s a new day, Alicia put down some badass dance moves while her fans are hypnotized by her famous curves! Dont let the pretty face fool ya, alicia keys is street. New day is a 2013 release and I didn’t even know that the song existed until three weeks ago when I came across it on another website. Go listen to them and tell us what you think.

The only three I’ve seen and listen to so far is alicia keys heavenly and new day. Also by janet jackson no sleep the other three is still new to me. So you can all head over to vevo you tube and come back with your verdict and park it right here.

12 thoughts on “Five New and not so new Releases That Some music Fans Might Not Know Is Out

  1. I already knew that alicia keys had this new day single, she and her management did not promote it the way they promoted sleeping with a broken heart or girl on fire.


  2. To me janet will always be the baddest, she paved the way for all the new younger artists, she deserved her award.


  3. Janet’s new single is now added to my playlist I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time, words cannot express how I feel right now. Thanks for alerting me with this article.


  4. Alicia Keys should come back with similar songs to falling inlove and no one that was a big hit, still listen it up to this very day


  5. The single tumbling down sounds equally as good as fire but I like tumble down more because it goes better with tessanne’s style its pop while fire is more soul.


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