Songs That Increase Depression: Five Haunting Songs That Make People Sad

Here are five haunting songs that can leave you in a not so good mood for the rest of the day. Especially when you watch the accompanying videos. So if you are suffering from depression and want to increase it be my guest, go ahead and have a listen, but if you want to remain in a happy mood give it a pass.

Kelly Watch the stars by air.

This one has a mysterious tone to it and when you watch the video it matches the images that were flashing through your mind, when you first heard it on the radio a reality. Though it has some sort of happy ending it still brings out a gloomy feeling.



Disturbia by rihanna

The name says it all and the lyrics to this song is very scary! Listening to the words and watching the video will put people in a mental hospital. In some parts of the video it indicates that she is wrestling with some unseen force. She is strapped and trapped in a place and it shows that she is getting in a spirited mood. A part of her hand is missing or stuck somewhere else. I would not reccomend this one for children it would surely give them nightmares.



Mad World by gary jules

This song was a christmas hit, it was about 2003 or 2004 when it came out but it did not help that people were getting in the festive spirit buying gifts for love ones and all you could hear on the radio and music channel is that we are living in a maaaaad world, hmmmm. Though I must confess that I like the song it became a hit in the wrong season. Not to mention the slowness of it  and jules being alone on top of a building in the open air with a piano makes it even more sad.  



Better in time by leona lewis

These last two was released near a time when I was mourning the death of a close one and it did not help that every waking moment of the day or night they were in rotation. But first of the last two is better in time by leona lewis. If you are in mourning and constantly hear this song, I guarantee that you will have a teary eye most of the time. It was on every music chanel and radio station not to mention the ”evocative darkness” of some parts of the video.



Every heart beat by robyn

Holy shomoly  someone please save me. This one is the worst! those abstract moving images and that sorrowful and broken hearted look on robyn’s face while she was singing, not to mention the repetitiveness of the chorus which is ‘it hurts with every heart beat’. Really? It makes you want to cover your ears and go hide in a corner until it stops. Switching off the tv and listening to the radio did not help either because it was in full blast on most of the radio stations. I do not know if it was done on purpose but I could recall that every music station you switch to on the tv, it was robyn doing that slow backwards run. They would clash, as it seem they could not get enough of this song. I decided that I’ve had enough so I ran and never looked back at another robyn release, until today when my memory was awakened.
So there you have it, five songs that can invoke depression.


8 thoughts on “Songs That Increase Depression: Five Haunting Songs That Make People Sad

  1. The first time I listened disturbia I felt weird, then when I saw the video I was not at all shocked. I like rihanna and some of her songs like pon de replay rude boy and please dont stop the music, but im not a fan of disturbia sorry.


  2. At times you have to wonder what is happening in the writer’s life, maybe battling addictions, having suicidal thoughts or going through a phase. Cant really tell so im just guessing at times.


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