The Ten Sexiest Women In The World Right Now: Here is our super ten most sexy female.


1 We love Kaci Fennel because she is hot! this Caribbean Beauty Will Melt Your Eyeballs… Wow! what she does best is bust out her sizzling hotness. She’s not just a (very, very, very) pretty face! she’s occupied her time doing lots of charity work and has the full potential of becoming a pathologists once she’s completed her studies. On top of all that, of course, Kaci Fennel is incredibly – almost super-humanly – sexy! and everyone loves her.



2 We love Katy Perry because she Kissed A Girl and it hit number one in over 20 countries. She kissed a girl, and she liked it – and so did pretty much everyone else on the planet. We find this beauty very sexy when we watched her saucy video and admitting to kissing another female has made her one of the most desirable woman to watch – looking back, you wonder why someone didn’t do it sooner.


3 We love Beyonce because she captivated our hearts when she went solo and dueted with husband jayz. she avoided being a one-hit wonder status with a string of addictive hits and became a permanent tabloid fixture with her bootyliciousness and the fact that she’s also kind of a bad-ass only makes her seem even sexier.



4 We love Rihanna because she bursted unto the music scene with pon de replay and since then we just could not get enough of her. She’s been dominating the charts and has gained a global fan base with a string of hits and has appeared on the coveted covers of a number of vogue magazines. We find rihanna sexy because bootylicious booty is all kinds of freaking awesome!


5 We love Angelina because While shooting Tomb Raider, she performed all her own stunts! She got $20million for her role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, becoming only the third actress ever to receive a fee that high. It’s hard to think of another actress who we’ve saucily-daydreamed about in three different decades, but that’s exactly what Angelina Jolie has achieved. She is not only incredibly sexy she’s also one of the most talented actresses of her generation.



6 We love Nicki Minaj because the barbie isn’t actually real. No, Nicki Minaj is the alter-ego of Onika Maraj. Nicki Minaj is the third alter-ego she created, and then for her debut album she came up with another one called Roman Zolanski – who she calls her twin brother. Niki’s bottom has always been at the center of controversy people are curious to know whether its real or not but who cares Niki Minaj is one of the sexiest rapper right now and we’re loving it.



7 We love Miley Cyrus: She was born Destiny Hope, but adopted her nickname Miley and took her grandad’s middle name Ray. She was given a Bob Marley-shaped cake on her 19th birthday, and later commented that, “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fuckin’ weed.” Miley rebelled against her squeaky clean image and set the internet ablaze with leaked underwear pics, outrageous quotes, shocking videos and paparazzi shots of large spliffs being smoked. All of which, of course, made her seem instantly bad-ass and super-desirable.


8 Alesha Dixon is fiiiiiine! and we just love her. Alesha Dixon is the singer who has the energy and stamina if you want to know what we’re talking about see her vid . Almost immediately she caught our eyes when she emerged on the scene in the once popular girl group mysteeq. The group parted ways and Alesha remained in the spotlight. She’s had a string of hits when she went solo AND has become even more popular when simon cowell enlisted her as a judge for the show Britain’s got talent. The BGT judge said that “she has been working with a trainer because she wants to make sure she has enough stamina. In her own words When I perform it’s full-on and energetic, so I have to make sure I’m fit and can cope with that.” well there is no denying that alesha is fit and also super sexy!


9 We Love Kim Kardashian because She’s been embroiled in her fair share of controversies over the years – the sex tape, her publicity-stunt marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries – but now seems to be settling down with Kanye West and her first child. She’s posted a whole lot of booty pics on instagram and to be honest, we’re just happy that she’s here. The day don’t feel complete unless we see at least one pic that she’s tweeted of herself looking improbably curvaceous.




10 We love Taylor Swift because she is sweet. she’s gone from being pretty famous to mega-super-ultra-famous selling four million records across the pond. Her clear-skin and youthful appearance has turned many a head already. Taylor’s recipe of wholesomeness, and ability to send a country ballad into the stratosphere has toppled her into the list of the ten sexiest female. So there you have it the ten sexiest women.


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