Floyd Mayweather: Is One Of History’s GREATEST Boxers In The Sporting World

Here is why I like Floyd Mayweather, He is truly The Greatest in how he transcended boxing and became the most recognisable face on the planet that so many millions of people around the world tuned in to watch this small framed man Mr Floyd Mayweather fight.

Floyd Mayweather has earned his stripes among the elite of the boxing world.

Mayweather has supreme attacking skills and a willingness to engage with his opponents. On saturday may 2 Mayweather took the unanimous decision – judges scoring the fight 118-110, 116-112, 116-112 The story of the night in Vegas – a straight hand from Mayweather and Pacquiao could’nt get in.

Floyd Mayweather has fought and beat his rival Manny Pacquiao the man whom they claimed was going to bring floyd Mayweather to his knees. The man who was mandatory challenger to the champion’s belt. But 38 year old Mayweather saw off his challenger on points in Las Vegas. Mayweather did most of the damage with his straight punches and was able to dance his way out of trouble.

Mayweather made Manny the supposed tough guy look pretty average. After the fourth round Manny looked lost and ran out of ideas.

Floyd Mayweather stood up to his opponent and fired more punches than his rival.
This makes me appreciate his all round SUPREMACY.
Mayweather won easy.

Mayweather makes contact with a straight right – a weapon he kept deploying against Pacquiao and Manny Pacquiao lost to Floyd Mayweather in the ‘Fight of the Century’.
F.Mayweather is too good and too clever to get stung, you don’t go unbeaten 48 times if you are a Mug.

Mayweather is a better boxer and defender Manny is just a boxer.
It Would be far more honourable for manny to come out, accept defeat and congratulate floyd. Manny and his trainer should be more gracious in defeat. He lost fair and square. At least Mayweather was courteous after the fight.
Floyd Mayweather is intelligent enough to not get smacked up.
Pretty Face boy Mayweather deserves respect: He has never lost a fight and should be respected even more. A man that can’t get hit.

It is sad to see fighters who can take a beating but can’t fight, yet every now and then they are back in the ring getting smacked up again.

Lesson for kids who like to fight they should follow Mayweather if they want to box. If you get smacked up you really shouldn’t be fighting.

Pacman came to fight with pride whilst mayweather came to defend, why? because Mr Mayweather is the hero with the championship belt that never lost a fight.

Everyone knew Mayweather was not going to come out guns blazing, therefore it was for Manny to bring it to Mayweather. Unfortunately he did not and he LOST.
One of the best lightweight I have ever seen.

The diamond in a quartet who glittered through boxing is Floyd Mayweather.
None threatening but yet still intimidating Mayweather has earned his place in the top 5.

The American is now unbeaten in 48 fights as a professional after beating his rival in the Fight of the Century.





27 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather: Is One Of History’s GREATEST Boxers In The Sporting World

  1. Who will you be fighting next champ? I’m filled with enthusiasm to know who will get in the ring with you. You should do your last fight and go open up some proper businesses with some god investment and get people employed lots of americans need work. make haste time is too short to use it on boxing alone.


  2. I was not expecting floyd mayweather to be so humble muchless courteous seeing that he was and still is unbeaten. He has surely matured with age keep it up mayweather.


  3. One of the Greatest of ALL TIME, almost made every opponent look mediocre and silly. Casual fans can say what they want, i actually couldnt believe how easy it was for him on Saturday. Phenominal


  4. David haye got wild abuse when he blamed an injury for losing a fight. It’s ok for manny to do it tho cause he was fighting mayweather and every1 wants to jump on the band wagon. He lost fair and square if he had of won there’d be no crying


  5. I hate to say this because I like Manny and despise Mayweather but Mayweather has a point. Manny is acting like a sore loser and should accept defeat graciously.


  6. Personally I used to give Pacquiao the benefit of the doubt and only criticized his fringe fans, Freddie Roach, and Bob Arum. Now I (along with many others) see that Pacquiao is just as bad. I knew Pacquiao wasn’t perfect, but I thought he was at least a give more and a man with honor among men. Now, I¿m starting to wonder if the PED rumors about him are true. Especially, since he wanted to inject something that was banned before the ring walk


  7. I wanted Manny to win. He didnt. Coming out after the fight with comments he was injured did seem strange. It wasnt the big dust up we all wanted but Mayweather got the result without a doubt. End of story.


  8. To all the people crying about how may fights .go change the boxing rules then if you win a sport by following the rules what is wrong?


  9. How come no one ever mentions the numerous times Mayweather CHOSE to stand still and let Pacman throw punches so he could block them and then laugh in his face at how ordinary he is compared to Mayweather? because they want to see mayweather get hurt.


  10. May weather was the coward in the match infact Pacquiao was the aggressor most of the time its his bad luck he was unable to land punches that counted.


  11. I have been searching the tapes for almost 2 years now but have ever seen mayweather lose a fight? 48-0 haters gonna hate


  12. Pac an his team have made many excuses after the loss, its pathetic. Take ur loss like a man. You assured everyone you were 100% fit a day before the fight


  13. no rematch! we all seen pacman picked apart (did anyone watch that fight and think pacman looks injured?)… NOPE he lost and lost by a large margin


  14. Floyd Mayweather is like in biblical days when Daniel God’s chosen one was thrown in the lion’s den. Everyone wanted and was chanting for the lion to rip Daniel to threads, but instead Daniel was spared. was still standing.


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