Mayweather still undefeated after conquering Pacquiao

The scorecards had Mayweather winning a unanimous decision (118-110, 116-112, 116-112) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and he was rightly proclaimed the winner of a bout that was notable for its quality, if not its ferocity. Given the styles of the fighters engaged, this was never going to be madness of the Hagler-Hearns variety.

And for all of Mayweather’s pre-fight chatter of being the greatest of all time, Pacquiao would take over the role of the delusional combatant, telling interviewers after the fight that he swore he had triumphed.

But as always seems to be the case against Mayweather, Pacquiao couldn’t find that delicate balance between outright aggression, timed shots and retaining energy for the later rounds, all of which belonged to Mayweather, who began to dominate once he rebalanced and refocused his energies.

He would back Mayweather into the corner and prepare to fire off his signature shots… a straight left, the killer uppercut. But before he knew it, Mayweather had ducked, weaved, clocked him with a right on the counter and retreated to the sanctuary of centre ring, where he could control proceedings once more.

Inside the ropes, he remains in a league of his own. Pacquiao was his last great hurdle and in the end, he cleared it with room to spare. Mayweather’s place in boxing history will be forever debated but at the moment, his record speaks for itself: 48 fights, 48 wins.


10 thoughts on “Mayweather still undefeated after conquering Pacquiao

  1. He is a master at not getting hit. People who want to see a punch up and two battered boxers stumbling around the ring Rocky style are tuning into the wrong fights. You have to admire him


  2. Manny is this humble and appreciative guy in the media… But he failed to show that post fight.. Disappointing.


  3. Remember when manny made this comment about floyd? ‘I will be the one in their dressing room watching them wrap Floyd’s hands. hahahaha.


  4. Roach claimed Mayweather has been uncharacteristically quiet in the build-up to the fight. But who can blaim mayweather I probably would be the same if I was in his shoes. Watch and observe your enemies mayweather they are evil and predictable and want to see you get hurt.


  5. Manny pac’s words a few weeks ago I have a good feeling for this fight. This is different. God has blessed me with confidence. Belief, happiness and this feeling of being so relaxed.
    ‘And yes I do think I wanted this fight more than Mayweather. If it’s all business for him, for me it’s about giving the fans who are paying all this money a great fight. They deserve that.
    ‘The most exciting thing for me is how I glorify the name of my God.’

    well good for him everyone wants you to beat floyd so you can keep calm and be relaxed and bleat on about god as much as you want. Mayweather on the other hand everyone was sure that he was going to lose but maybe god chose him over you god is on team mayweather’s side.


  6. I like it when Beyonce and Jay Z soak up the atmosphere ahead of the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.


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