Floyd Mayweather Reined Victorious Over His Opponent Manny Pacquiao

After 12 high-intensity and often tactically cautious rounds, the judges scorecards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas read 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112 in favor of Mayweather.

And while Vegas is a town not unfamiliar with a controversial points decision, there could be little disputing the outcome of this showdown for the WBA, WBC and WBO welterweight titles.

For some, it was the fight that almost never happened as high demand meant some pay-per-view viewers in the U.S. experienced disruptions to their service.

Yet after a short delay to proceedings to enable broadcast problems to be ironed out, “MayPac” was finally on.

‘Fight of the Century’

WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao pose during a news conference at the KA Theatre at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on April 29, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two will face each other in a unification bout on May 2, 2015 in Las Vegas. AFP PHOTO / JOHN GURZINSKI (Photo credit should read JOHN GURZINSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

The sense of anticipation as both men entered the ring was all the $300 million purse and their indisputable reputations promised.

Yet for all his talk of being better than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, there was something different about Mayweather before this fight.

His usual trash talk and brash outspokenness was noticeably absent. Some said it was uncharacteristic nerves, others extreme focus on his biggest ever challenge. Some even wondered whether Mayweather was displaying a new-found maturity.

At the ripe old age of 38, could that really be?

Ready to rumble

The way the fight began Saturday, it looked like those predicting a supremely focused Mayweather were correct.

The 10-time world champion sought to establish his dominance early, using his jab to keep the powerful Pacquiao at a distance while landing with two large right hands early on.

By the eighth, the fight had become a chess match. Mayweather moved and picked his opponent off with the jab. Pacquiao was only landing with 18% of his punches, far fewer than his usual average of 34%. “I was a smart fighter, I out-boxed him,” said Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrates victory after the MGM clash.


13 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Reined Victorious Over His Opponent Manny Pacquiao

  1. You outclassed Manny with performance and style. Do your last fight win or lose then get your business cracking, go join forces with other business men and invest and multiply. Did that come out right?


  2. Mayweather doesn’t need to fight again because it’s never going to get bigger or better than the Pacquiao bout.


  3. “I just beat Manny Pacquiao. Can I enjoy my victory? Please?” said floyd after questions keep flooding in on who he will be fighting next. I like the way he said that.


  4. Other fighters need a chance,” Mayweather. “Give them chances. It’s time for other fighters to have chances at belts.” still like watching you though.


  5. I’m almost 40 years old now, I’ve been in the sport 19 years, I’ve been a world champion 18 years and I’m truly, truly thankful and I’m blessed.” pheeeeeeeew preach brother mayweather.


  6. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s rise from humble beginnings to the highest-paid athlete in the world. Im a wee bit jealous you must admit the guy is cool.


  7. Beating the No. 2 fighter in the world like he was a raw rookie was just another win in Mayweather’s vast collection.


  8. Burger King mascot joins Floyd Mayweather Jr. in ring walk and justin bieber was not far behind, its been such a long time since we last saw that mascot.
    That was the best highlight of the ringwalk, it made me chuckle but will floyd be happy when he watch the playback?


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