Rihanna Fan Got 14 Tattoos Of Singer On Her Body

Rihanna super fan tattoo

Seven of which are tattoos are images of Rihanna herself and the others are song lyrics and other stuffs related to the “FiveFourSeconds” singer.
“I have loved Rihanna for nearly 10 years, and I’ll love her forever,” Sarah said. “Some people say I’ve ruined my body, but I just laugh it off. Rihanna’s face is gorgeous, so having her image on my body makes it look better in my eyes.”

The superfan said she spent a total of £2,000 on the body arts and continues to invest more money to go under the needle.

Rihanna is currently working on his eight album R8, due later this year. So far she has released two singles off the highly anticipated project.

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Google Opens Its First Ever Shop In London’s West End

It will sell Android phones, Chromebook laptops and Chromecast TV service

GOOGLE HAS opened its first ‘shop in a shop’ on London’s Tottenham Court Road.

The newly opened store, based in Tottenham Court Road’s Currys PC World, sells the company’s range of Android phones and tablets, Chromebook laptops, and Chromecast TV services.

Simple called The Google shop, it will also hold tutorials showing consumers how to use the devices and hold demonstrations showing off key Google apps.

This is the first time that Google has opened a shop under its own name. The company previously opened a Chromezone in the same Tottenham Court Road shop in 2011, which was then rolled out across the UK by Dixons, the owner of Currys PC World.

Google plans to open two further areas within Currys PC Worlds in Fulham, west London, and Thurrock, Essex, according to The Daily Telegraph.

James Elias, the UK marketing director for Google, said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch this space – the first of its kind anywhere in the world – in London with Currys PC World.

“The pace of innovation of the devices we all use is incredible, yet the way we buy them has remained the same for years.”

Elias continued: “With the Google shop, we want to offer people a place where they can play, experiment and learn about all of what Google has to offer; from an incredible range of devices to a totally-connected, seamless online life.”

The shop will host regular classes and events, including tutorials about online security as well as how to use Google devices.

It will also hold Virtual Space Camps to teach children the basics of coding.

The shop includes a large screen called Portal that allows users to ‘fly’ around the world using Google Earth, and a Doodle Wall where wannabe budding artists can paint their own Google logo.

5 thoughts on “Rihanna Fan Got 14 Tattoos Of Singer On Her Body

  1. That’s because when she watch a rihanna video it gives her more satisfaction than her useless man in real life. Good going on u rihanna fan.


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