Supermodel Naomi Campbell lashed out at camera man: Celebrity Drama

naomi campbell


The 44-year-old super model got into an altercation with an NBC cameraman, whom was filming as she was leaving her hotel in Cuba. Campbell became angry and attempted to grab the camera from his hands, right before she was being recorded screaming, “Stop this sh*t now!”

In a telephone interview with NBC, Campbell made an apology to the camera man as well as the NBC news crew, claiming that it was all a big misunderstanding. “I am sorry for what happened. It was all a big misunderstanding. Please forgive me,” she pleaded.


Singer Keyshia Cole blasts husband Calls Him Out For Trying To Creep

Keyshia cole’s reunion with estranged husband daniel bobby gibson may be over before it really began. Last week, the singer/reality star had many wondering if she and her former NBA star husband were on the verge of a reconciliation when they were caught out together in Los Angeles on the night of Feb. 23 a the premiere of Keyshia’s new BET reality series, All In. Later on, Booby posted a picture of himself and Keyshia looking mighty close on Instagram.  In the caption, the former Cleveland Cavs star wrote:

Daniel Gibson & Keyshia Cole

look what i found.. full support of this Angel at her premiere. #AllIn #GirliKnowYouWantThisDiii 😜

With that statement, it seemed as though the couple were on their way to working things out and Keyshia’s rumored romance with birdman was over. Keyshia cleared it all up for onlookers when she posted text messages she snagged from Booby’s phone to another woman! Apparently Keyshia attended a video shoot Booby had and she discovered he was trying to talk to a female who was his “love interest” for the project. Keyshia didn’t think Booby’s two-timing ways was cute and put the evidence on Instagram with the caption:

I guess the starting over as “Friends” thing doesn’t work. 😩 how could u invite me to a video shoot but, your trying to mess with the “Love interest” while your “Wife” #IsThere! #BasketBallPlayerTurnedRapper #KindOfShitTheyDo #PointOfInvite? #ThankGodIWasSmartAboutIt #ManUp #WhenUSayUWannaSaveUrFam #ButUReallyDont #WhatWouldUHaveDone? #Bogus #TheChickSaidAllMenCheat #IDontBelieveThat #NoHate #Facts #EnoughOfNoLove

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