Taylor Swift stars at Victoria’s Secret’s first gala lingerie show in London

The Associated Press

The U.S. lingerie label brought its annual spectacle to London for the first time on Tuesday, dazzling guests with a high-octane mix of fashion and entertainment that featured 47 extravagantly dressed models and performances by pop princess Taylor Swift.

Models sashayed down the catwalk wearing lingerie paired with sparkly, over-the-top costumes: think giant butterfly wings, full feather skirts, and gold knee-high stiletto boots. Top models Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio donned the brand’s “fantasy bras” – encrusted with thousands of jewels and worth $2 million each – and Karlie Kloss wore gilded angel wings made of 18K gold.

Jourdan Dunn heats up the Look in Sexy Leather Jumpsuit

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn is clearly having a whirlwind week. She made quite an entrance at yesterday’s British Fashion Awards, dressed in a sleek strapless leather jumpsuit that was sprigged with floral accents. Dunn streamlined the look with minimal accessories, coordinating shoes, and her tousled cropped do. While we admire Dunn’s ability to brave the cold bare-shouldered, a bright fur chubby or feathered cape would make for a chic and cozy party partner.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeneil Williams

10 things not previously known about the Jamaican international modelling sensation. – CFJ

1. Jeneil is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out daily, whatever her schedule.

2. She was a track-and-field athlete at Vere Technical High School. If she were not a model, she would still be pursuing a track-and-field career.

3. She considers herself a very shy person, but also extremely confident, who loves entertaining and enjoys having friends over.

4. Although she has been photographed in black more than any other colour, her favourite colour is red.

5. Jeneil considers herself very spontaneous.

6. She enjoys horror movies.

7. Jeneil has a weakness for chocolate and red velvet cheesecake.

8. She is an outspoken individual and speaks her mind as she sees fit.

9. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift stars at Victoria’s Secret’s first gala lingerie show in London

  1. If nicki minaj see this article she is going to start throwing shade at the women featured in it because all the women in it are slim. Nicki minaj HATES slim skinny girls. Her anaconda video and lyrics took the micky out of skinny women, and couple days ago when they put nicki’s face on another young girl with a slim body she went into a fit and let her fans know that she does not like her head to be fitted on unattractive bodies. I felt horrible when I saw the anacondo video, and as times goes by you realise that she have something personal against slim chics. I dont know why if maybe any of her boyfriends flirted with a slim pretty chic before why she feels that way about them.

    I use to be a fan of hers but she makes me feel so ugly to be slim I see her as bleh! sorry not a fan anymore.


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