Pop & reggae star Nyla single ”stand up”

[size=15]Whether it’s collaborating with Akon in her group, Brick and Lace, or writing tracks for J.Lo and Christina Aguilera, Nyla has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. Now, the gorgeous singer is set to make a splash of her own with her first solo recordings and a fresh, eclectic sound that draws from dance, electronic, R&B, pop and, above all, reggae music.[/size]

[size=15]“I’m drawing elements from different arenas of music but it’s always going to be reggae influenced, because that’s my base,” Nyla says. “At the end of the day, people see me as an island girl. Whatever energy I bring, I’m always island girl.” listen her single call ”stand up” here[/size]





7 thoughts on “Pop & reggae star Nyla single ”stand up”

  1. You post the wrong sister pic on the page. That is a picture of nyanda that sang slippery when wet. That is not nyla I use to get them mixed up too but i can now tell them apart.


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