ICandy Hot Girls [Official Video] throwback from 2013 Dancehall


Brick & Lace are a Jamaican R&B reggae fusion musical duo consisting of sisters Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne. Originally Brick & Lace consisted of three sisters Tasha, Nailah, and Nyanda.Tasha left the group, but she continues to work behind the scenes and co-writes songs for her sisters. The group released their first album, Love Is Wicked in 2007.
Their debut album, Love Is Wicked, had a limited release in various countries on 4 September 2007. The album spawned four singles, “Get That Clear (Hold Up)”, “Never, Never”, “Love Is Wicked” and “Take Me Back”. “Love Is Wicked” was listed on six different charts, including the Sverigetopplistan, the Sweden Singles Top 60 and the France’d SNEP Singles Top 100. It reached number 6 on the Finland. Its highest entry was number 9 in the France Singles Top 100. “Never, Never” was a hit in Finland, performing also well in Kenya, where it reached No. 14 in 2008.

In 2008, the after-effects of their first album hit and the sisters went busily on many tours for the year, most notably in Europe and Africa by popular demand, and also produced a few new songs such as “Cry on Me” and “Bad to di Bone”.

listen it here at this link hot girls



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