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Cream vocalist, bassist Jack Bruce dies at 71


British musician Jack Bruce, best known as the lead vocalist and bass player of the power blues trio Cream, died Saturday at his home, his family and publicist said. He was 71.

Bruce was one of the top musicians of the late 1960s, when Cream played its unique psychedelic blues tunes to packed houses in England and the United States. He was an important member of the British blues movement, which saw bands like the Animals and Rolling Stones first imitate and then expand on the American blues tradition as exemplified by Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and other stalwarts.

Nancy Reagan’s astrologer Joan Quigley dies at 87

joan quigley ap.jpg

Joan Quigley, the astrologer who helped determine President Ronald Reagan’s schedule and claimed to have convinced him to soften his stance toward the Soviet Union, has died at the age of 87.

Quigley died Oct. 21 at her San Francisco home after an unspecified illness, theSan Francisco Chronicle, quoting Quigley’s sister, Ruth, said Friday.

Nancy Reagan began consulting Quigley after the 1981 assassination attempt on her husband. She wanted to keep him from getting shot again, Nancy Reagan wrote in her 1989 memoir, “My Turn.”



St. Louis Cards Outfielder


St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras — a 22-year-old rising star — died Sunday in a car crash in the Dominican Republic.

According to a rep for the team, Taveras was driving the car — with his girlfriend on board — when he lost control and the car went off the road.  Oscar’s girlfriend also died in the wreck.

Officials are investigating the cause of the wreck — though local police say rainy conditions may have been a factor.

Oscar’s teammate Kolten Wong went to Twitter moments ago and wrote, “Wow! My heart truly hurts to hear the passing of Oscar! I’ve played with him every year and we truly lost a great person! #RIPOscarTaveras”

Oscar was a rising star in the MLB — and most recently hit a home run during Game 2 of the NLCS against the SF Giants.

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