Woman Set To Marry US Ebola Victim Has Communication Cut

Louise Troh has been unable to contact Thomas Eric Duncan since since his condition was downgraded to critical, it has been revealed

THE WOMAN who was set to marry Texas Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has not been able to speak with him since his condition was downgraded to critical, it has been revealed.

Mr Duncan had travelled to the America from Liberia to tie the knot with Louise Troh before he was admitted into hospital on Sunday (Sept 28). Though the couple were in daily contact in the days after he was admitted, that communication has been cut dramatically, a pastor at her church told Mail Online.

Prayers were offered up on Sunday for both Ms Troh – who is currently quarantine with her 13-year-old son and two nephews – and Mr Duncan who have all been affected by the first Ebola outbreak on US soil, at Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, where Ms Troh is a member.

Speaking to newspaper following the service, Senior Pastor George Mason, who is in daily contact with Ms Troh, gave the first insight into how the woman at the center of the crisis is coping as Mr Duncan’s condition worsens.

He said: “She is struggling to manage really with all the consequences of Eric’s illness and the fear of what might happen to him.

“And with the minute by minute question of what might be happening to her and to her son and nephews who are with her in quarantine.”

It is the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, killing 3,338 people so far. There have been 7,178 confirmed cases, with Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea suffering the most.

A leading charity warned last week that there were now five new cases of Ebola every hour in Sierra Leone.

Save the Children said there were 765 new cases of the deadly virus reported in the West African state last week, while there are only 327 beds in the country.

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