US Airways slammed after flight attendant refuses hang Army Ranger’s uniform jacket


US Airways has apologized after a flight attendant reportedly refused to hang an Army Ranger’s uniform jacket in the aircraft’s closet.

WSOC-TV reported that First Sgt. Albert Marle was boarding US Airways Flight 1930 between Portland, Ore. and Charlotte Thursday when he asked the attendant if she could hang up his jacket to keep it from wrinkling. The flight attendant refused, claiming that the closet was for first-class passengers only.

An airline spokesman initially claimed that there was not enough space in the closet for the jacket, but passengers disagreed.

“She kept saying it was against company policy…it wasn’t against company policy,” first-class passenger Cliff Autrey told “Fox & Friends” Saturday.  He said enlistees like Marle deserve everyone’s support.

Another first-class passneger told WSOC that her “I was really appalled at not only the way she looked at him but the way she spoke to him in an angry type of attitude.”

The station reported that Marle took his seat, declining offers to swap places with first-class passengers.

Marle’s parents told the station that their son has been wearing his uniform at job interviews around the country and say his dream is to become a doctor.

Late Friday, US Airways apologized for the incident and said it was reviewing the incident. “We have a long and proud history of serving our military members and hold the men and women who serve our country in the highest regard,” the airline’s statement said, in part.

A spokesman also said the airline was trying to get in touch with Marle and thank him for his service.


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