deaths of Ebola victims


Bodies Of Ebola Victims Removed From Sierra Leone Streets

THE BODIES of deceased Ebola patients left on the streets of Sierra Leone have been moved after burial teams strike over pay issues.

The backlog in ‘hazard’ pay for the burial teams was at the centre of the dispute and resulted in the remains of Ebola victims being left in their homes and on the street.

Officials have now said the dispute had been ‘resolved’, paving the way for teams to return to work and clear the backlog of bodies amassing as a result of the strike.

Deputy health minister Madina Rahman told a radio programme this morning (Oct 9) the dispute centered on a one-week backlog for hazard pay, which had been deposited in the bank, but was not given to the workers on time.

“The health ministry is going to investigate the delay in the health workers not receiving their money,” she said.

Burial teams are especially vulnerable to Ebola, which is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of infected people.

Presently, burial teams in West Africa are being asked to retrieve the bodies of people who die from Ebola in their homes and in the streets as opposed to in hospitals.

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