Boy, 9, Banned From Catholic School Over Ebola Fears

A NINE-year-old boy with dual nationality has been banned from his part-time primary school after returning from Sierra Leone with his aid worker mother.

Kofi Mason-Sesay was due to attend St Simon’s primary school in Stockport, a school he had been registered as a travelling student for the last five years.

Despite public Health England ruling that Kofi and his mother, Miriam Mason-Sesay, posed no risk, fearful parents of pupils campaigned to refuse the young boys return to the school.

Panic arose after the nine-year-old returned from a short stay in Sierra Leone where his father is originally from, and where his mother presently runs a children’s charity.

The campaign spearheaded by pupil’s parents demanded that Kofi’s scheduled time at the school be cancelled following his return from Sierra Leone – one of the regions worst afflicted by Ebola.

“There is no way I would be wandering around with my nine-year-old if he had Ebola,” Mrs Mayson- Sesay insisted

“We have been treated like lepers by people here who are over-reacting to a disease they don’t know a lot about,” expressed Mrs Mason-Sesay.

She added: “It’s only a small group of parents who have complained but unfortunately the school have had to abide by their wishes.”

Headteacher Elizabeth Inman of St. Simon’s, fought in the corner of Kofi and said: “It is unfortunate that some misplaced anxiety and misinformation about Ebola, amongst a small group of parents, has been circulated amongst the wider parent body.”

Kofi will be instead joining his mother in her campaigning efforts during their time here.

The deadly disease has presently claimed the lives of approximately 3500 people in Africa with countries including Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia the worst affected.

It is mainly transmitted by direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected person.

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