Hoke’s “Good Man” Label Needs To Be Put On The Sideline [BLOG]

CBS Detroit

By: Mike Feld

Please stop telling me Brady Hoke is a good man.

I have no idea who Brady Hoke is as a person, and neither do you.

All I know about Hoke is what I can find in Google searches and in feature stories written about the man.

Unless you’re his friend, his family member, his colleague or one of his former players, you don’t know much about him, either.

Here’s what I know: Brady Hoke is a football coach. He cares about his team first.

Sometimes, integrity takes a hit along the way for the betterment of the program. The truth is, this isn’t Hoke’s first time dealing with integrity issues.

Remember last winter, when kicker Brendan Gibbons was dismissed from the team right before the bowl game? Hoke led the general public to believe it was a personal issue that led to his absence from Michigan’s…

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