The “Brazilian Holocaust”: 60,000 Brazilians, the majority overwhelmingly black, were killed in a mental hospital


While some only associate the term holocaust with the Jewish genocide committed by Nazis in World War II Germany, as you will see, the term is perhaps the best available to describe a terrible stain in Brazilian History. The story and images you will see below are certain to conjure up images of German concentration camps. The difference, according to the author of the book herself, is that the color of the victims of Brazil’s Holocaust were “overwhelmingly” black. 

The Brazilian Holocaust: 60 thousand dead Brazilians

“For decades, thousands of patients were forcibly interned, without a diagnosis of mental illness in a large hospice in the town of Barbacena, in Minas Gerais. There they were tortured, raped and killed without anyone caring about their fate. They were only epileptics, alcoholics, homosexuals, prostitutes, girls pregnant by their employers, women confined by their husbands, women who had lost their virginity before marriage.

Locked up in cells, women were kept naked and slept on floors

“No one heard their cries. Famous journalists, in the 60s and 70s, made ​​reports denouncing the mistreatment. None of them, as Daniela Arbex has done now, managed to tell the full story. What was practiced in Hospício de Barbacena (Hospice of Barbacena) was a genocide, with 60,000 deaths.

José Machado, known as "Machadinho", is a survivor of the hospital. He was photographed in 1961 and today. He still lives in the hospital a half century later

Children and teens shared the degrading conditions of the hospital with adults

Brazilian Holocaust

5 thoughts on “The “Brazilian Holocaust”: 60,000 Brazilians, the majority overwhelmingly black, were killed in a mental hospital

  1. Very sad read,now it’s the black american holocaust as everybody who is anybody from all over join up to do their best damage. Poor black americans.


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