Snapchat Spam Might Make You Feel Fat, But At Least It’s Not Snapchat’s Fault



If you’re receiving messages from your friends on Snapchat that tell you how to lose weight, don’t freak out. It appears that many accounts have been hijacked, though Snapchat denies the spammers accessed accounts through its own system.

According to Twitter, users’ accounts have been hijacked and used to send weight loss spam to other accounts. There’s no word yet on how many accounts have been affected, but people have been complaining about it on Twitter for the past few days.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 14.41.39

Here’s the official statement from Snapchat, given to the BBC:

We have seen evidence that hackers who have access to a trove of credentials leaked from other websites, have started using them to gain access to Snapchat accounts. In many instances, our defences have notified the user that their account has been compromised. We recommend using a unique and complex password to access your Snapchat account.


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