Nearly 1,200 Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women

The official tally of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada has hit nearly 1,200—and it’s not Native groups giving this number, it’s the country’s own police force.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Thursday May 1 confirmed to reporters that its own data search had yielded 1,186 cases of indigenous women—1,026 who had been murdered and 160 of whom are missing—over the past 30 years. This dwarfed the previous high number of 824 determined by a researcher in Ottawa earlier this year, as theWinnipeg Free Pressreported in January. Even that number was higher than figures compiled by the Native Women’s Association of Canada, which had documented 582 cases.

The latest revelation came after the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) learned on April 30 that “more than 1,000” women had been documented as missing or murdered. The RCMP would “not confirm or deny” that number,APTN reported.



7 thoughts on “Nearly 1,200 Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women

  1. Murderers are having a field day killing and stalking black women in the UK and USA,now I,m reading that aboriginals are getting it too.


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