Middle School Football Team Scores On Trick Play Called ‘Ugly Kardashian’ [VIDEO]

CBS Detroit

By: Evan Jankens

There’s so much to say about this video, I hardly know where to get started. First off, I didn’t really know that middle school football games were recorded … I would expect maybe some raw video, but it looked like there was some money put into the broadcast!

Who is the guy yelling during the play and acting as if this middle school team just won the Super Bowl? I would assume a player’s father, otherwise I don’t really have an excuse for him.

Third…why is this play called “ugly Kardashian?” It’s a nice play, you would think they would give it a more attractive name like, “Annexation of Puerto Rico” from the movie “Little Giants.”

Anyway, whatever they call it, it’s a really cool trick play.

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