LinkedIn details Pinot, its new analytics system that powers its data applications


LinkedIn has developed a new real-time data analytics system dubbed Pinot, that the social network uses to develop various data-intensive capabilities across its huge infrastructure. The new system is the underpinning of all of LinkedIn’s major data applications.

With Pinot as the core of how [company]LinkedIn[/company] processes data, the company can craft new features on top of it for either its members, companies that are part of its ad network, or anything that LinkedIn’s product team dreams up in regard to how they want to play with its enormous amount of user data. LinkedIn’s various data-tracking features, like generating who has recently viewed a user’s profile and keeping tabs on which people are following particular companies, are all fueled by Pinot.

It used to be that when LinkedIn was a smaller startup, its engineering team was split up into many different groups that each used a host of contrasting data and…

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