Hem, Fab’s Pivot Into Home Furnishings, Goes Live In 40 Markets


Three months after Fab.com, the New York-based design/fashion marketplace, acquired Helsinki’s One Nordic and announced its intention to pivot its European business to focus solely on original home furnishings, the company is putting its eggs into a new basket — or basket chair, as the case may be.

Today it is launching Hem, selling Scandinavian-style tables, shelves and other furniture that have been designed, built and shipped in-house. “A European design company that is distributing all over the world,” in the words of CEO and co-founder Jason Goldberg.

To kick things off, Goldberg — who has relocated to build and run the operation in Berlin — says the new brand is going live in 40 markets. The online portal will ship to 30 countries, including the U.S., and a further 10 countries will have Hem furniture by way of resale partnerships with physical stores.

The brand Hem (Swedish for “Home”) was first made public earlier this year, and…

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