BlackBerry Is Gonna Get Weird With Smartphone Design At Least Once A Year


BlackBerry could be about to become the most interesting company in the smartphone business: The Canadian telecommunications firm will deliver a minimum of one “unconventional device” per year, according to a new report from Reuters, following the launch of the square-screened Passport last week.

The Passport is definitely an outlier gadget, with its wide-bodied construction (BlackBerry has come up with the amazing tagline “Work Wide” to highlight its significant span) and hardware keyboard, but it’s also the only hardware success BlackBerry has been able to crow about in recent memory. The firm celebrated selling 200,000 of the devices during its launch week, and said the device resulted in a gross profit for its hardware business.

200,000 units in one week is not what one would call a runaway success by the standards of industry leaders like Samsung and Apple, but for BlackBerry, it’s done enough to convince the firm…

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