Two reportedly dead, 12 injured after monster truck crashes into crowd in Netherlands

A “monster” truck, outfitted with tractor-sized wheels, has crashed into a crowd during a show in the Netherlands, reportedly killing two people and injuring at least a dozen.

Video footage of the incident shows the truck veering off course after driving over the top of a row of cars, then knocking down a guardrail and driving into a group of onlookers.

Dutch national broadcaster NOS is citing the mayor of the eastern city of Haaksbergen, Hans Gerritsen, that two children were killed in the incident and 15 people injured.

China media: Hong Kong protests

Protesters are angry at Chinese government's plans to vet candidates in Hong Kong's 2017 elections.

Riot police remained on guard on the sidelines of the main protest area near the government headquarters, although not in large numbers.

The government urged the demonstrators to disperse to allow emergency vehicles, public transport and other traffic to pass. Its statement followed calls from some protest organizers for people to return home.

But with thousands of demonstrators continuing to jam streets in key financial and commercial districts, it appeared unlikely that the extraordinary protest movement would end anytime soon.

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