Police defend claims they may have missed vital Alice Gross clues

Police defend claims they may have missed Alice clues

Police have today defended claims they may have missed vital clues in the investigation to find missing Alice Gross.

One local business man has told ITV News that Metropolitan Police officers did not ask to view footage from his CCTV camera, which is close to where the teenager was last seen, until after it was automatically deleted from his system.

The man, who doesn’t want to be named, said police interviewed his staff a week before the clips were automatically wiped, but did not request to see the footage during this visit. The man claims officers then returned to his office in the hope of viewing the material, but were too late.

The Metropolitan Police refused to comment on the claims they had returned to request the footage, but released this statement:

CCTV is a valuable part of any investigation. We do not seize all CCTV; we target that which is relevant and likely to be of value to the investigation.

From the images we have released of when Alice was last seen on CCTV it is evident that the quality is poor and so it does not allow us to identify other people. Detectives have been able to identify Alice because of her very distinctive walk.

To date detectives trying to find Alice have seized more terabytes of CCTV than Operation Withern, the Met’s investigation after the 2011 London riots. This continues to increase as the investigation progresses.

Since the CCTV of the five cyclists was released as part of a public appeal, three of them have come forward. We continue to appeal for the other two to come forward.

Police defend claims they may have missed vital Alice clues

Family of Alice Gross begs for the teenager to return home

Alice Gross
Alice Gross Credit: ITV News

14-year-old Alice was captured on CCTV on August 28 walking alongside the Grand Union Canal in west London back towards her home in Hanwell and has not been seen since.

A statement from Alice’s family, released through Scotland Yard, said:

Alice has been missing for four weeks now. We are desperately concerned about her welfare and worry constantly about what may have happened to her. We are appealing to Alice. If you are out there, to come home where you belong. We love you and we miss you. We want to see your smile again, we want to hear you sing again, to see you cuddle Peggy, or sit at the piano. We want to be a family again. The whole family, all your friends, the community and the police are united in trying to bring you home. We are also appealing to anyone out there who knows anything about Alice’s disappearance or where she is to come forward now. We cannot believe that Alice is not at home with us and every morning brings new agony. We dearly love our daughter and Nina dearly loves her sister. Please, please help us.

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