Narrowboat nosedives after getting stuck in canal lock

Narrowboat nosedives after getting stuck in canal lock

A couple scrambled to safety as their canal boat nose-dived into the water.

The holidaymakers failed to realise the vessel had drifted over the sill at the back of a 12ft-deep lock.

As the water receded, the rear of the narrow boat stayed put and the tilted front end plunged beneath the surface.

A woman in her 60s was treated at the scene for head injuries suffered as she fled from the craft, which took rescuers eight hours to refloat on the river Soar near Kegworth, Leicestershire.

The £80,000 rented narrow boat was back in use by the couple, described as ‘experienced boaters’, as they continued their three week canal holiday.

Wyvern Shipping, which rented the boat out, has claimed it has lost £1,000 of furniture as a result of the accident.

Three more years of wages misery: Middle-income earners hardest hit as real pay continues to fall

Middle-income earners hardest hit as real pay continues to fall

Workers face a ‘lost decade’ of falling wages, with three more years of economic misery on the way, according to an influential report.

Average real pay will fall to £17,827 in 2017 – about £1,000 lower than it was when the financial crisis struck in 2008 – an Ernst & Young survey found.

The damning report is released as the chancellor George Osborne prepares to outline his plans to fix the economy at the Conservative Party conference.

It is middle-income earners who will be hit hardest, as their spending power rises more slowly than the high and low paid.

‘Real wages are being held back by strong growth in the supply of workers and the fact that firms are facing increased non-wage costs, such as new pension schemes,’ said economic adviser Martin Beck.

‘We expect this trend to continue for several years to come and it will be mirrored with a slowdown in consumer spending growth.’

In Birmingham, Mr Osborne will reveal proposals to wipe out youth unemployment by creating 3million apprenticeships, funded by a £3,000 cut in the benefit cap to £23,000-per-year.

‘We’re trying to change the welfare system so it doesn’t trap people in poverty and a culture of dependency,’ he told the Mail on Sunday.

Mr Osborne’s speech comes as Labour have built up an 11-point lead over the Tories in the 40 most marginal seats, a ComRes poll for ITV News found.

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