Introducing the Kentucky Fried Chicken iPhone case

There's now a KFC iPhone case

Apparently a bucket of chicken isn’t enough to coax customers into KFC in Japan.

Branches in the tech-obsessed country are drumming up business with all sorts of gadget-friendly goodies, the most notable being the drumstick-shaped iPhone case.

According to the restaurant’s Japanese website, the phone case is part of a larger range which includes a KFC mouse, a KFC USB stick as well as a KFC keyboard.

The fast-food chain already unveiled a fried-chicken keyboard, computer mouse and USB drive as part of a Twitter promotion and giveaway. KFC Japan looked upon its mighty works and said, "Yes, this is good, but we can do better." And then it introduced a fried-chicken iPhone case.

Currently, the products seem to only exist as marketing material on the website. We’ll have to wait and see if pictures of people talking into a giant piece of fried chicken actually come to light.

One thing is for certain though. The bulky plastic poultry is sure to prevent your new iPhone from bending.

Woman with three breasts ‘was a fake who has tricked people online before

Woman with three breasts 'was a fake who has tricked people online before'
Jasmine Tridevil claimed to have three breasts (Picture: Facebook/Jasmine-Tridevil)

Did a woman claiming to have a third breast play a hoax on us? came up with a number of intriguing arguments that could indicate Jasmine Tridevil did not actually pay $20,000 (£12,190) for an extra breast.

It argued the fact she didn’t have anyone else take the photos was suspicious, and also added the person who registered was called Alisha Hessler, who was no stranger to the internet.

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