Here’s What Waiters and Waitresses Do When You Piss Them Off

To be fair, only 6 percent of respondents admitted to the cliché of spitting (or doing something more unsavory) to your food, but odds are, if you’re inconsiderate to your server, you’ll probably get verbally skewered behind your back.

  • Making fun of the customers behind their backs (79 percent)
  • Lying (78 percent)
  • Purposefully making them wait longer for their order (65 percent)
  • Ignoring them (61 percent)
  • Being rude right back to the customer (52 percent)
  • Arguing (43 percent)
  • Flatly refusing a perfectly reasonable customer request (25 percent)
  • Confronting a customer about a crappy tip (19 percent)
  • Insulting the customer to his face (14 percent)
  • Secretly increasing the tip (as in, on a credit-card payment) (11 percent)
  • Doing something gross to the food (6 percent)
  • Threatening the customer (5 percent)

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