Phil Robertson on natural disasters





Phil Robertson doesn’t believe in govt help for natural disasters

phil robertson in canoe ae.jpg

Phil Robertson is not a fan of government aid in the wake of a flood or hurricane.

“Its like natural disasters and all. I don’t think the government should intervene there. For 150 years in the United States, when a natural disaster came upon a city, well its time for y’all to understand what loving your neighbor is all about,” Robertson tells Rob Shutter of Naughty but Nice.

“It’s like where we live, we get flooded out every 25 years or so. We live next to a river and sometimes we live in the river. People say, ‘Well do you call government officials?’ Not at all. We just move back up the hill. When the water recedes, we come back down and repair the damage and we just rock on,” Robertson adds.

“We’re 18 trillion in the hole. If I live next to a river why should I expect you to pay for a flood?”

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