Beyonce & Jay Z More In Love Than Ever


Alicia Keys Pose Nude For Charity

Instead, the singer has made the decision to post a topless image of herself pregnant, with the Peace sign daubed across her stomach, in order to raise awareness of a new social ecology campaign, #WeAreHere.

The “movement”, set up by Keys, aims to raise awareness of issues around the world that “cannot be solved in isolation”, a message on the website reads.

“We are joining together to give birth to a movement based on the idea of social ecology – that we’re all related and need to work in harmony to create a kinder and better world for all. Click on an issue below to learn about our visionary partners and how you can take action to make a difference.”

These include issues of poverty, gender discrimination, children of war, accessible healthcare and racial injustice.

Alicia Keys Naked


Beyonce Fake Baby

Beyonce & Jay Z More In Love Than Ever In ‘

Jay Z and Beyonce proved the haters wrong as they stunned everyone with an amazing concert performance, captured by cameras and aired as a special called ‘On The Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z’ on HBO on September 20.

On The Run was the first time the couple had ever toured together. They performed 19 shows in the United States and two shows in Paris. The two Paris shows were filmed for the HBO documentary.

Jay Z Adorable Ring Proposal To Beyonce At Met Ball…
Beyoncé gets an adorable mock proposal from Jay Z at the Met Ball Gala 2014. Starring Beyonce Starring Jay-Z



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